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OilPure Technologies provides customized oil purification for the following typical items:

Typical Oil Applications:

€ Hydraulic Oil € Synthetic Oil
€ Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid € Compressor Oil
€ Phosphate Ester € Gear Oil
€ Transmission Oil € Quench Oil
€ Hot Quench Oil € Cutting Oil
€ Screw Machine Oil € Rolling Oil
€ Drawing Oil € Broaching Oil
€ Fine Blank Stamping Oil € Rust Preventing Oil
€ EDM Oil (Silicone and Mineral) € Honing Oil
€ Grinding Oil € Vacuum Oil
€ Transformer Oil € Turbine Oil
€ Heat Transfer Oil  

Typical Equipment Applications:  

€ Plastic Injection Molder € Metal & Plastic Extruder
€ Hydraulic Press € Hydraulic Power Units
€ Hydraulic Power in Off-road Vehicles, Mining Equipment € Hydraulic Marine Equipment
€ Gear Box € Gear Pulverizer
€ LTC Sub-station Transformer € Turbine Generator
€ Rolling Z-Mill € CNC Machine Tool
€ Broaching Machine € Compressor
€ Heat Treated Furnace  

To learn more about oil and equipment application, please select the "Learning Center" for more information.

Individual Customized Oil Management Solution List:

Oil Contamination Control for Hydraulic oil in plastic injection molders to reduce a minimum of 70% of  your current servo valve or proportional valve consumption.

Oil Contamination Control for Cutting Oil in screw machines to increase the existing tool life by 15% to 30% .   

Oil Contamination Control for Transformer Oil to control di-electric strength over 40 KV and Interfacial Tension over 32 dyne /cm2. This will extend over 50% of Tap Changer from carbon and high acid content from transformer corrosion.

Z-Mill Rolling Oil Contamination Control to reduce the defective rate by 50% and improve precision drawing quality to eliminate burning stains or white gluey stains on the strip surface. This process will also eliminate "Friction Hill" on the strip surface.

Quenching Oil Contamination Control to reduce carbon stain on the surface and improve quenching speed which help control constant hardness value on heat treated products.

In-house Quenching Oil Recycling Program that recovers the skimmed waste quenching oil from the part washer. Quenching oil will be recycled and reused with no waste oil disposal.

In-house Hydraulic Oil Recycling Program from leak oil in the pit.

Water Contamination from Continuous Leakage into the gear box can cause frequent oil replacement. Equipment damage is substantial with excessive water content.

In-house Cutting Oil Recycling Program from chip spinner. This cutting oil is for a high precision machining operation.

Stamping or Drawing Oil Recycling Program to recover the spill oil from the dip pan or pit. The depleted oil additives are fortified to enrich the stamping or drawing operation after the oil is recycled

Water De-contamination System for Pulp and Paper Mills to completely remove both free water and dissolved water from hydraulic and lube oil system. 

Hydraulic Injection Molder OEM Warranty Extension Program to increase hydraulic component life from 1 year to 3 or 5 years   without sending field technicians to repair the equipment. This reduces OEM equipment  warranty costs and enhance high quality equipment image.

Transformer Oil