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Cartridge Oil Filtration System

OilPure cartridge filtration utilizes a special design as we call "AIR LOCK DESIGN" The filter units contains 4 filter elements. This filter element is a pleated paper filter with special chemical coating so the media will not easily collapse when oil temperature is up to 400 °F and will not swell if water content is more than 3% . The element is excellent in removing excessive carbon particulate from dirty quenching oil and cutting oil applications. 

The typical bag filter or pleated paper filter can not maintain its media integrity when dirty oil temperature reaches 350 °Fand or water content is higher than 3% .

The air lock design OilPure cartridge filter creates a cyclone of oil in an upward motion which, through fluid dynamics, generates a downward vacuum of dirty oil flowing to separate the heavy sludge in the filter housing unit. 

The heavy particle will drop to the bottom of the filter housing and be caught from the bottom of the filter upwards. The air lock in the upper lid housing allows oil pressure to force dirty oil to slowly penetrate through filter elements.

Conventional paper filters normally clog throughout its filter media surface so the dirt holding capacity is limited to the surface area of the paper. However, the OilPure air lock design help filter elements to hold more dirt as it is both separation and filtration in one unit . 

A typical new filter element weights about 4 pounds. After this element is clogged, the spent filter could weigh 8 to 10 times more than its original filter weight due its extremely high

OilPure Cartridge Filter models are available as following:

Model: FC-4 is a 10 GPM single filter housing which contains 4 filter elements. FC-4 is excellent for quenching furnace having oil reservoir from 1,000 gal to 3,000 gal capacity.

Model: FC-4 Dual is the  two FC-4 units mounted on the same skid which provide a combination of two different micron filter media sizes.

Each FC-4 unit will have filter media size such as 10 micron filters in the 1st unit as a pre-filter prior to the 5 micron filters in the 2 units.

*OilPure can custom manufacture a much larger size unit than the FC-4 model upon customer's request.


C- Series Cartridge Filter Element These C-series filters are coated by special polymer on the media surface in order to help filter media maintains its media integrity and high oil temperature up to 400°F. There are 3 C-series filter elements available in:
      1.C-5   Filter element for  5  micron filter
      2.C-12 Filter element for 12 micron filter
      3.C-24 Filter element for 24 micron filter