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DOT Test Kit to Measure Solid Contamination


What is The Dot Test?

A measured amount of the fluid is filtered through a filter disc using vacuum to impinge the contained contamination particles upon the surface of the filter disc. The filter is removed and the entrench contaminant is observed with a microscope. The color and particulate density on the filter is used to approximate the contaminant level by using contamination color chart for comparison and rating. The particulate color will explain the source of contamination when the dot test filter show:

DOT Test Kit  provides a means for color visual monitoring of solid contamination present in lubricating oil in 0.8 micron ,5 micron and 20 micron test papers.

The colors of oil contamination are shown on the dot test filter.

These colors indicate different type of oil contamination: such as

      » light brownish color means airborne particles,

      » dark brownish color means valve deterioration,

      » shiny gray color means Aluminum particulates,

      » dull gray color means iron wear from cylinder or bearing wear etc. 

Why Do You Use This Dot Test?

This test provides a means for visual monitoring the size and quantity of contaminants present in lubricating oil. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete the test and have the result to be evaluated. Most particle count ISO: 4406 testing for solid particulate is the least reliable method to measure solid particulate. The particle count test report will vary from lab to lab.