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Hydraulic Hose Cleanliness Evaluation

OilPure Technologies, Inc. also provide a special service for the hydraulic industry to evaluate hose cleanliness as a third party verification. This hose test data will provide the ISO code cleanliness of your inner hydraulic hose. With this test evaluation you can prove to your customer that your hydraulic hose was clean before you shipped your products.

OilPure has developed a proprietary technique of non-contact hose rinsing that  washes out particulate in your hydraulic hose that would have been in your hydraulic lubricating system if they were not  removed or clean. With this special technique the external sources of contamination in the hose will not affect the accuracy of the test.

The report will show particle count ISO Code cleanliness that is expected in your hose. The calibrated laser light particle count, ISO 4406 particle count standard, is used as particle count analysis that meets all military specifications. All samples were tested several times to make sure that the particle count reading was accurate. 

Companies such as Ultra Clean Technologies, Inc.,Husky,Gate Rubbers, Tubetronic etc. have been using our test service to confirm their high quality hose cleanliness delivered to their customers.

To have your hydraulic hose evaluated you need to call us and let us know the hose sizes, number of hoses and your purchase order number. We should be able to have your hose cleanliness evaluated within 7 -10 days after hose receipt