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Dedicated Oil Purifier Model: SS-50 ,

Rotational Oil Purifier Model: MB-50 for oil reservoir size up to 500 gallons(1892.5 liters) .

Example :  For AW 46 hydraulic oil with an oil reservoir size up to 500 gallons(1892.5 liters).
Completed clean oil turnover rate   =  4 to 8 days
Complete oil dialysis for troubled equipment
10 passes x 500 gal/ 50 GPH /24 hr  =  4  days
Oil dialysis for normal equipment
5 passes x 500 gal/ 50 GPH /24 hr  = 8  days
Completed clean oil turnover means that almost 100% of the oil contamination such as minute particulate, dissolved water and oil oxidation were removed from the lubricating oil, rather than having to replace the old oil with clean new oil in customer's oil reservoir.

MB-50 Rotational Unit
The SS-50 dedicated oil dialysis cleaning method will maintain the highest oil cleanliness on a continuous basis so lubricating oil can be at its best lubricating performance under severe conditions. The MB-50 is a rotational unit which can be moved from equipment oil reservoir to the others for rotational oil cleaning.

SS-50 and MB-50 Specifications *

SS-50 Dimension: 24" dia. filter size, 26"W  x 28"L x 30"H
Weight: 250 pounds (114 kgs)
Flow Rate: 35 to 50 GPH depending on oil viscosity
SS-50 Pump Data: 2 GPM Positive displacement, 1/3 HP motor
SS-50 Power Source: 110V-1ph or 220V-1ph
SS-50 Heater: 1,300 Watts, Incoloy immersion heater with built-in thermostat control
MB-50 Pump Data: Tandem Pump 4 GPM Positive displacement, 1/3 HP motor
MB-50 Power Source: 480V-3ph or 220V-3ph or 110V-1ph or 220V-1ph
Heater:  *4,450 Watts(For 480 V - 3ph), Incoloy flange heater with built-in thermostat control
 *1,340 Watts(For 110 or 220 V-1ph), Incoloy flange heater with built-in thermostat control
Controller: Programmable digital controller with EEPROM retained memory and battery backup 
Electric Enclosure: NEMA 12 metallic enclosure, water tight, dust proof, terminal blocks, contactors, all components are UL and CE approval, meet NEC (National Electric Code) standard
Automatic Control: Auto stop by differential pressure switch shut down, timer switch, optional oil level switch to detect low oil level
Alarm Light: "REPLACE FILTER" alarm pilot light
Oil Strainer: Inlet oil strainer for pump protection
Safety Device: Built-in pressure relief valve
Discreet Output: Ready discreet output wired from terminal block to PLC
Discreet Input: Ready discreet output wired from terminal block to PLC

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

MB-50 and SS-50 is suitable for any industrial equipment that has an oil reservoir up to 500 gallons (1,900 liters) capacity. It is designed to be installed as a dedicated oil dialysis unit while equipment is running. 



Equipment application: The for SS-50 or MB-50 can be used in plastic injection molder, extruder, blow molder, all types of hydraulic power units for off-road vehicles, mining equipment, earth moving equipment, hydraulic bulldozer, hydraulic power unit for trash trucks, freight loading cranes, marine hydraulic power units, banbury machine, diesel power generator, rotary air compressor, small gear boxes, lube oil bearings, vacuum pump etc.
Oil application: Hydraulic oil, gear oil, compressor, transmission oil, Phosphate Ester, fire resistant hydraulic oil, synthetic oils, insulating oil, quenching oil etc.