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Automatic Oil Recycling Machine (AST Series)

For used dirty oil recycling, these units are the ultimate oil purification which integrates total completed oil recovery and recycling system into one unit. This recycling machine contains free water & sludge separating, vacuum jet dehydrator, pre-treatment filtration, PurePack chemical treatment and dirty & clean oil storage tanks. OilPure develops its own proprietary software programs to provide this high level of automation control technology. The remote control operation is an optional for this series. 

The AST series are designed for customers who wish to install the In-house Oil Reclamation System that does not rely on the outside or on-site dirty oil re-refining service which the oil quality is unpredictable when your oil is processed by outside service. This on-site oil cleaning service is very expensive. This service normally charges about 1/2 price of new oil or US$1.50 to $3.50 per gallon depending the new oil cost. A typical OilPure in-house oil recycling costs about US$0.30 to $0.75 per gallon*.

For waste oil recycling, OilPure also develops oil decolorizing process that uses proprietary chemicals to completely wash out all bad oil additives and oil chemical by-products from waste oil. This process will reconstitute and brighten up oil color in most used lubricants. New oil additives and neutral base stock can be refortified to this decolorized oil so oil becomes renewable as new oil quality.

The automatic oil recycling machine is the AST Series such as

Model: AST-50 is suitable for small oil users to recycle 50 gal of dirty oil per day.

Model: AST-100 (Most Popular Model ) can recycle about 100 gal of dirty oil per day.

Model: AST-200 can recycle about 200 gal of dirty oil per day.

Model: AST-500 can recycle about 500 gal of dirty oil per day.
Hydraulic Oil Recycling System  at Delphi Battery & Quenching Oil In-House Oil Recycling  System at Wash Tank

 Cutting Oil Recycling System at Qualico Precision Screw Machine

 *  Oil recycling cost will be varied depending on oil type, degree of oil contamination and applications.