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Oil - Sludge - Water Separation
Model: GT-400

Oil Separation Pre-Treatment  is a gravity separation system that utilizes Fluid Force Theory to separate high content of free water, heavy sludge from industrial oils. This pre-treatment unit takes about 24 to 48 hours of setting time to obtain the same oil results as typical setting tank taking from 2 to 3 weeks . 

OilPure normally uses this gravity separation technique as pre-treatment prior to vacuum jet dehydration, cartridge filtration and oil purification processes as it  helps increase the economic of oil recycling cost.

GT-400 is excellent for sludge separation from cutting oil application or industrial waste products and oil & water separation that water content is higher than 50%.
OilPure Water Sensor can be integrated in the GT-400 in order to provide the automatic drainage for the system.

400 gallon tank, one cycle = 24 hours
Steel Tank
6 ft L x 6 ft W x 10.5 ft H