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Proactive Oil Maintenance Program

      Now Oil Contamination is a Disease You can Control. Equipment failure and poor performance are controllable if you treat the root cause: fluid contamination. Contamination of your industrial oil is like a disease.  Let untreated, it spreads to all internal components, inflicting irreversible damage which costs manufacturers millions of dollars in equipment deterioration, precision surface deforming, production loss through equipment downtime etc.
OilPure Proactive Oil Maintenance can provide:

Save Money - You can dramatically reduce the need to buy new replacement oil an reduce the cost of waste oil disposal. The life of purified oil can be extend up to 10 years.

Improve Parts Quality Control - Superior quality product begins with continuous clean oil in the manufacturing process. Because of oil dialysis operation by OilPure Systems providing built-in contamination control in a continuous oil purification process, the critical surface of your tooling and equipment will not wear down. They can continue to produce parts precisely to specification.

Reduce Equipment Downtime and Equipment Maintenance Costs - This is a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) program to minimize  your equipment downtime. OilPure's closed-loop system continuously cleans the oil before it gets contaminated. That means your equipment will operate smoother and more efficiently.

EPA Waste Minimization Compliance - Drastically limit waste oil disposal because you do not create dirty oil in the process. All oils are kept purified so there is no need for oil disposal. Therefore, your oil becomes company asset, rather than commodity.


Proactive maintenance keeps your equipment healthy.

Maintenance Strategy
Human Body Parallel
Proactive/Life Extension
Cholesterol and blood pressure monitoring
  Control and monitoring of   contamination to stop machine   wear and performance loss   before damage occurs.
Heart disease detection using EKG, ultrasonics
  Prediction and repair of   equipment disorders   discovered through   nondestructive testing
By-pass heart surgery
  Parts replaced periodically,   hoping to time repair before   failure.
Reactive/ Breakdown
Heart attack, death
  Maintenance scheduled in   response to equipment failure   or performance loss.

*  Annual maintenance cost per horse power


The OilPure Systems Contamination Control Clinic

Step 1    Initial Visit
  » On-site oil & equipment analysis, to identify potential contamination control problems, good housing keeping practices, analyzes your industrial oil applications and asking in-depth questions.

Step 2    Diagnosis
  » Evaluating your oil samples and other measures that provide insight oil recoverability.
  » Evaluating the cost analysis and economic return on investment of the system solution on a case-by-case basis.

Step 3    Prescription
  » Customized or pre-engineered system design to solve the root cause of oil problems by using our extensive contamination control experience and PurePack, our advanced filter media which is scientifically formulated for your application.

Step 4    Treatment
  » System integrating - Our specialists assist in the installation and application of prescribed oil purification equipment. 
  » Training - Plant-floor seminars on contamination control and good lubrication practices are available to ensure that your system is performing consistently.

Step 5    Results
  » Purified oil - Oil in like-new or better condition is ready to be re-introduced into your process to lower your maintenance costs, prolong your equipment life and increase production uptime.
  » Productivity - Increased productivity and quality manufacturing performance.
  » Reduced oil costs - Extends oil life, significantly reducing new oil purchases as well as waste oil disposal costs.

Step 6    Check Up
  » Monitoring assistance - To help you maintain your oil cleanliness target with ongoing analysis of contaminants.
  » Lab support - Proper periodic oil analysis is available from the OilPure laboratory to ensure your contamination control system is performing properly.