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Product Lines: OilPureSystems technology is composed of two main features, the Oil Purifier is the hardware unit and the PurePack proprietary chemical filter is the software unit.

Oil Purifier

The Oil Purifier is an off-line or by-pass oil purification unit that can be attached to the existing equipment oil reservoir to provide oil dialysis cleaning. It is a self-contained mechanical fluid power control unit that draws dirty oil from the oil reservoir of your equipment and pushes the oil through the PurePack chemical filter.

The Oil Purifier is an off-line or by-pass oil purification unit that can be attached to the existing equipment oil reservoir to provide oil dialysis cleaning. It is a self-contained mechanical fluid power control unit that draws dirty oil from the oil reservoir of your equipment and pushes the oil through the PurePack chemical filter.These oil purifiers are designed for oil polishing and continuously maintain oil cleanliness in the oil reservoir to meet specific tolerance requirements for that particular equipment.

All OilPure system controls are programmable and digital controls with the EEPROM memory cassette to store the operating system control. The high end oil recycling machines use PLC (Programmable Logic Control) for multiple system control  integration.

PurePack Filter

The PurePack filter is a mixed chemical compound that can be customized to clean and to meet any oil purification requirement. Different industrial oils require different filtration treatment.

PurePack contents are 90% to 100% food grade ,bio-degradable materials. According to present EPA regulations, these materials are non-hazardous and when used with non-toxic contaminated oil can be incinerated or landfilled by any qualified industrial waste disposal company.


Vacuum Jet Dehydration 

Vacuum Jet Dehydration Technology is uniquely developed by OilPure Systems to remove dissolved and free water from lubricants by using atmospheric air to vaporize water from the oil, rather than using a high vacuum from an expensive vacuum pump and oil heating.The Vacuum Jet Dehydrator has the same water removal capability as compared to conventional vacuum distillation.

However, the vacuum jet dehydrator has the advantage of a much lower cost as compared to conventional vacuum distillation for the same capacity of water removal. A small 3 GPM vacuum jet dehydrator costs about $5,000 versus a typical vacuum distillation cost of $28,000. There are no other competitors who can manufacture water dehydration equipment at this price range.


OilPure Water Sensor

OilPure Water Sensor can detect the water and oil interface from the oil reservoir. Our water sensor can detect free water from 5,000 ppm to 10,000 ppm in the oil reservoir and automatically drain this free water from the oil reservoir on an on-off continuous basis that help stabilize the water-oil interface layer. When free water is present in the oil reservoir during water dehydration, the dry oil from dehydration will eventually get more water condensation from free water settling to the bottom of oil reservoir. So it is important that the free water be drained on a continuous basis for the water dehydration process to become more effective.

Cartridge Oil Filtration 

Cartridge Oil Filtration   is a proprietary designed cartridge filter that utilizes an air lock design to increase its dirt holding capacity by 5 to 10 times as compared to a typical paper cartridge filter. The cartridge filter element is a pleated paper filter specially made to remove excessive carbon particle from dirty oil. This filter paper has a special chemical coating so the filter media will not easily collapse with high oil flow and will not easily swell when there is excessive water in dirty oil. The cartridge filter elements are available in 5, 12 and 24 micron sizes. OilPure normally uses this cartridge filter as pre-treatment prior to our oil purification process as it  helps reduce high dirt holding capacity from the dirty oil.

The air lock design forces filter elements to clog from the bottom part of the filter element, rather than clogging throughout the element as in conventional cartridge filter. So the air lock design filter creates sludge separation that clog the filter from the bottom up. There could be 6 to 10 inch of sludge sediment in the filter housing caused by this air lock design.

For heat treated quenching oil , this air lock design filter is excellent to remove excessive carbon from quenching oil that cause black stain and inconsistent part surface hardness value

For Precision Machining Operation , this filtration will remove metal fine particulate from cutting oil that can increase additional 15% to 30% of tool life . This filter element and its pump unit can handle oil temperature up to 400 °F which  is required by most hot quench application.

OilPure Automatic Oil Recycling Machine

OilPure Automatic Oil Recycling Machine is an integrated total oil recovery and recycling system in one unit. This recycling machine contains free water & sludge separating, vacuum jet dehydrator, pre-treatment filtration, PurePack chemical treatment and dirty& clean oil storage tanks.OilPure develops its own proprietary software programs to provide this high level of automation control technology.

Our Automated Oil Recycling Machine can be built to fit a transportable trailer to provide On-Site Oil Cleaning Service. Service can be performed without having staff to witness the oil cleaning operation. The remote control operation can be implemented to this system so controlling operation can be done from anywhere that has access to computer laptop and telephone line. This saves a lot of man power cost in recycling operation.

OilPure has also developed an oil decolorizing process that uses proprietary chemicals to completely wash out all bad oil additives, contaminants and oil chemical by-products from waste oil. This process will reconstitute and brighten up oil color in most used lubricants. New oil additives and neutral base stock can refortify this decolorized oil so the oil becomes renewable at new oil quality.

DOT Test Kit

Measure Solid Contamination 
OilPure DOT Test Kit  provides a means for color visual monitoring of solid contamination present in lubricating oil in 0.8 micron, 5 micron and 20 micron test papers.

TAN Test Kit 

TAN Test Kit Measure Total Acid Number
This method determines the acidic constituents in lubricating oil to show relative changes occurring in an oil in oxidizing conditionsand chemical changes in the oil molecule.


Oil Separation Pre-Treatment

Oil Separation Pre-Treatment  is a gravity separation system that utilizes Fluid Force Theory to separate a high content of free water and heavy sludge from industrial oils. This pre-treatment unit takes about 24 to 48 hours of settling time to obtain the same oil results as typical settling tank taking from 2 to 3 weeks.

OilPure normally uses this gravity separation technique as pre-treatment prior to vacuum jet dehydration, cartridge filtration and oil purification processes as it greatly reduces oil recycling cost.



Remote Control Monitor module is an affordable accessory device that can be attached to all oil purifiers. This remote control will monitor the operation of oil purifiers and monitor the warning alarm from the operating equipment simultaneously. The alarm inputs will automatically send the digital signal through a cellular phone from the remote control unit.

An Alarm message is written in HTML language and sent by cellular phone to the internet web server. The alarm notification message can be forwarded by voice phone, pagers, e-mail message, fax, and TCP/IP to any one who should be informed. Access may be given to specific persons as well to keep track of alarm information, equipment maintenance history, operating time schedule and maintenance monitoring report.



Remote Control Operation for oil purification system utilizes PLC, laptop computer and telephone modem to monitor and operate from the outside location by SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion)This remote control can connect up to 16 oil purifier units within 1,500 feet distance to the Ethernet network and Peer-to-Peer network .There is no need to have an A Series or PC master to operate the network.

Customers can remotely operate the oil purification unit from their laptop  computer at their home through telephone line or their office ethernet network. They do not need to be at the equipment site to operate and trouble shoot the oil purifier unit after the equipment is set up. This development makes OilPure ready for the next era of wireless communication and control networks.