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PurePack Chemical Filter for Oil Dialysis
               PurePacks the oil purification medium in the OilPure unit, is a scientifically blend of chemical compounds in either three or five layers.



PurePack Chemical Treatment Can Be Customized to Remove:

  • Solid particulate removal down to as small as 1 micron . Get ISO code 13/10 to ISO code 14/11 oil cleanliness.
  • Absorb emulsified water down to less than 100 ppm from 3,000 ppm in dirty oil.
  • Remove oxidation by-products causing high acidity in Total Acid Number (TAN)
  • Retain original oil additives that protect your equipment.

            PurePack can be designed to purify a broad range of industrial oils to specifically remove oil contamination and alter both physical and chemical changes in the lubricating oil that cause oil deterioration.

            Unused PurePack are non-hazardous, food grade quality and most of them are bio-degradable materials. According to present federal EPA regulations spent PurePacks generated from non-toxic contaminated oil can be incinerated or landfilled by any qualified industrial waste disposal company.