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OilPure User List

Copper rolling oil - Z-Mill to reduce stain and increase precision quality      
Southeast Container                                                                                                 
Hydraulic oil - injection molder to reduce more than 80% of servo valve consumption
Landis Plastics                                                                                                             
 Hydraulic oil - injection molder to reduce equipment downtime and increase production up time                                                                             

Becton Dickinson                                                                                                     
Hydraulic oil - injection molder                                                                          

Blount, Inc.Stamping oil - Chain saw blades to reduce high acid and oil oxidation for on-site recycled oil program                                                                         

Krauss Maffei Corporation                                                                              
Hydraulic oil - OEM injection molder to double or triple product warranty in hydraulic components and to decrease field maintenance cost during warranty                                                                    

Suncast Corporation                                                                                                 
Hydraulic oil - injection molder                                                                             

Ford Motor Company                                                                                                
Fire resistance hydraulic oil - Automotive body press                                  

Gardner Denver                                                                                                          
Compressor oil - Rotary screw compressor                                                         

Danaher Tool Group                                                                                                     
Quenching oil - Recycled quenching oil from wash tank for more than 8 years
American Axle Manufacturing                                                                             
Quenching oil - Hot quench heat treated furnace for 350 °F oil  filtration to remove excessive carbon particular that cause block stain on part surface.

Cutting oil - Recycled cutting oil from screw machines to increase 35% more tool life
Customer List
Ford Motor Company 
General Electric, Plastic Div.
General Motors, Packard Electric
The West Company
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.     
Walker Muffler
Formal Rubber   
Cooper Tire Co.
General Tire Co.               
Sunstrand Aviation
Copper Industries                           
Delphi Battery
Norton Packaging
Landis Plastics
Southeast Container Corp.
Western Container Corp.
Krauss Maffei Corp. 
Thomas Manufacturing
U.S. Repeating Arms
Robert Bosch Corporation
Camcar Textron
Textron Automotive