3.9 Turbine Jet Centrifuge

3.9 Turbine Jet Centrifuge

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High Speed Centrifuge for Sludge Separator

OilPure High Speed Centrifuge is capable of removing Sludge from Cutting Oil, Quenching Oil, Waylube Oil from Cold Header Drawing Machine, Wire Drawing Machine at 4,000-6,000 RPM speed that creates Centrifugal Force up to 3,500 times of Gravity Forces, removing as much as 50 micron particulate.

G-Force Gravity is controlled by Variable Speed Motor Drive, creating Oil Pressure that separate sludge from the oil with Jet Turbine Propel Centrifuge. Model: TC-8 and TC-4 is capable of extracting sludge from oil at 20 and 10 pounds per day. These TC-8 or TC-4 is good for oil reservoir size up to 75 gallons.

Turbine Jet Centrifuge

10-20 Pounds of sludge per day capacity

TC-4 Turbine Jet Centrifuge

Built-in TC-8 Turbine Jet Centrifuge in AST-50C

Built-in TC-8 Turbine Jet Centrifuge in AST-50C

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