TPM VS TPR Total Process Reliability

TPM VS TPR Total Process Reliability

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TPR (Total Process Reliability) V.S. TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

  • TPR has evolved from TPM to the next level of Predictive and Proactive mission so they will work together effectively in the Systemic.
  • TPR will avoid having operator as media for human to communicate with machine, resulting in inconsistent Machine  Reliability. TPR utilizes the control of Automation IIOT 4.0 as media to communicate with M2M Machine-to-Machine.  
  • TPR involves with SCADA as a tool for communication software controls from PLC through CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) working with EPR (Enterprise Resource Planning).
  • TPR will control and monitor the whole process and manages data within its Parameters so these process data can become the Data Analytic. This Data Analytic reveals all variances that are the sources of all root causes of problems.
  • Data from TPR will be complied the Behavior and Characteristic of Variances into Algorithms equation that signals can be transmitted by PLC to interactive and adapt to the erratic changes in process environments. All Inputs can be implement to these process changes in provide the Optimal Capacity of the Autonomous process without human involved. This level of automation will allow more efficiency and precision for human to work with machines.  
  • TPR becomes a corporate endowment that add value from lubrication and machinery assets. This helps improvement in ROA Return on Asset that adds to the bottom line profit. This is how company increases their competitive advantages through ROA with TPR.

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